The Class

This class was an effort on the part of Susan Lakin with the goal of fueling collaboration between the tech/engineering side of campus and the arts. Several groups were created that each got to work with a local Rochester musician / group to create an interactive experience.

The Technology

This project is created entirely with HTML5 and Javascript. It was possible to control multiple videos without major issues because nothing in the second video has to match exactly with the time in the main video that is playing.

The scripting for the movement of the video windows is done via keyframes stored in JSON format which is then loaded into a hash for quick lookup. Since the timing events coming from the video players only fire roughly once a second, our own timeout loop was created to perform the frame animations smoother. Everything is synced to the main video, which is the driving clip.

Mitchell DeMarco

Mithell is a 5th year Computer Science student from the Rochester Institute of Technology. As a programmer, he has always had a strong interest in music which lead him to take this class working with musicians to create an interesting combination of technology and music. With his degree in Computer Science and a minor in Music and Technology he hopes to find more ways to work with Music from a technological standpoint after his graduation in May.

Drew Swantak

Drew Swantak is a twenty year old photographer from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He is currently attending the Rochester Institute of Technology, receiving a BFA in Advertising Photography, accompanied by a minor in Applied Imaging Systems.

Alex Strohmeier

Alex Strohmeier is an Advertising Photography major currently studying at Rochester Institute of Technology. As a photographer who shoots mostly portraits, she seeks to capture her subject as she views them; her visual style taking cues from the cinema.

Derrick Bommarito

Derrick is a Computer Science student with interests in robotics, AI, and automation. As usual he enrolled in this class to be able to work on something different. He is already working on another interactive music video project for K Ishibashi.

Qiu Yi Wu

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Kevin Kim

Kevin is a 3rd Year Advertising photography major at RIT.
His interest in film-making led him to take the music video course and collaborate with one of Rochester's local band, Like Vintage. As the team leader, he focused mainly on the project's cinematography, financial management, and team organization.